*sigh* i cant believe im writing this but the truth must be told i guess, its so lame  About 4-5 years ago I was lost… Very lost. mentally, spiritual. I was homeless/ couch-surfing and shit. One morning it was cold and was sleeping outside. So I woke up early and took walk to warmup. I saw a dude i meet once chilling in front of a game store. So we small talked, I didnt tell him my situation. He ask me if I wanted to play in the magic cash tournament starting soon . I told him sure but i didnt have a deck, plus I was 2 bucks short of the 7 dollar entry fee. He gave me the 2 bucks and one of the other players gave me a deck. This was my first tournament ever! I had played similar card games before like yugioh and a few friends showed me how to play. But thats it. So yeah, I spent my last 7 to play. I figured I was at rock bottom so I had nothing to lose. It was about 30 people, Top 2 prize payout, 1st was 140$ and 2nd 60$ And I dont know how or why …..but I won 5 rounds straight and split for for 1st. Getting 100$….. I was…shocked. I didnt realize I had won until the cash was put my hand. So, after that ….. I decided to play magic for some extra cash. I liked it. but i didn’t realize id be making a living off it.  But for 4-5 years i did. I couch-surfed and played magic. I traveled met interesting people and still had free time to be me.  Eventually It even landed me a job at a card shop. From there I started my own thing… and now im here.

Im writing about this now because I appreciate this game. It has help me learn to focus and control my thoughts and mind, plus many other things. And I wanted say thank you to everyone and everything that made this possible. But now… Even though im not the same guy I once was. Im lost again. And broke.. but deep down i feel like this game is gonna help again. — kage  8/21/2014

Its the question, the why? that drives us. Its the fear that we’ve grown to love. And the love we’ve grown to fear. Yet… without love we cant evolve and the less we evolve the more we forget how to evlove. So what do we do?… do do do do do. We spend very second of every minute forcing ourselves to do something. Obsessed with doing stuff, its become the answer in our minds, the only solution. Have we forgotten who we are?… We are human beings not human doings. No wait, let me evaluate , we are beings, not doings. So when will we just (let it be) We are not afraid, we are fear. we are not lonely, we are void. We should not seek happiness because we are evollove. - Kage 8/12/14


Gifts from friends

It’s been 2 months since the.. New change of pace. We see now that we’re it, we’re all. Everything,nothing. And we have no time to pretend. We are experiencing this human life in a fresh way. And this one is very delighted to be here creating this experience. 7/3/14

We are starting to see that the universe is changing and evolving at a faster rate then ever before. This one is also experiencing these mystical transitions…. Yet this one’s journey has not reached its transformational point. So for now, these words… Hold no value… And for now this one continues the hero’s journey. 4/28/14

just had our first event outside of the store. elements, festival, earthlings, nature, love, change. i like the new pace of things

"Andrew Boyd"
- Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.

Im burned out. Owning a business is very challenging. The system is designed to have us chase money. Im not sure if im about this life.
I can honestly say, that I could use so me help. …. :/